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Dedicated Washers and Dryers

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Safe and Sanitized Campus Wash and Fold Laundry Service™ in a Nutshell?

Safe and Sanitized Campus Wash and Fold Laundry Service ™ provides a Unique Wash and Fold Laundry Service Program for Busy Students, Staff and Faculty at 12 Major University and College Campuses in Washington, DC, Suburban Maryland, and Northern Virginia. Our Service covers Dorms, Offices, and On Campus and Off Campus Student Housing. Our Dedicated and Experienced Staff observe a Safe and Sanitized Wash and Fold Process from Start to Finish by Strictly observing CDC Guidelines, Social Distancing, and Up to Date Health Regulations Protocols of Each College and University Campus we serve.

What is the Frequency of Your Service?’s Unique Wash and Fold Laundry Service Program is a Weekly Service. Our Campus Ambassadors drop off your Clean Garment Bag and at the same time Pick Up your Dirty Garment Bag. You choose a Time and Day of the Week that is most Suitable for your weekly schedule.

Which Plan should I choose? Which Plan is Most Popular on Campus?’s Semester Plan is the most popular plan among our customers. But you can choose whatever Plan is most Suitable for You.

When Do I Pay for My Plan?

Similar to your Meal Plan or Class Registration, you pay for your Desired Campus Wash and Fold Plan at the beginning. Invoices are e-mailed to you or anybody you wish: parents, grandparents, friends, etc.

How do I get my Unique Bags and Personalized Name Tags?

You will get Two Heavy Duty Bags with your Unique Personalized Tags from our Campus Ambassadors or our Truck shortly after you sign up for your Desired Plan.

When and where can I connect to the Campus Wash and Fold Ambassadors?

When you start your Campus Life, you will see our Campus Ambassadors both On and Off Campus and outside Residence Halls, Dormitories, Sororities, and Fraternities. Our service trucks are stationed throughout campus Monday through Friday from 11:00 am to 7:30 pm. They are waiting to take dirty clothes or return clean ones to you. You can use whatever truck you wish. But a couple days each week it will be moved near your residence hall. The exact times and truck locations are posted online. You may live in a residence where lobby service is available. If so, there is a spot you can drop-off and pick-up orders at that location.

How do you Process My Laundry?

Our Experienced Experts use a 6-Step Process of Excellence to handle Your Garments. Taking care of your garments is our utmost priority. Our Campus Wash and Fold Experts are Diligent, Detail Oriented, Precise, and Particular. We have developed a 6-Step Process with the goal of taking care of your garments better than your own Mom. 1. We Scan and Track Your Personal Bags. Your garments are your Personal Items and Important to you. Therefore, we take care of them and track them from the beginning to the end. Our Modern Tracking System every step of the way tracks your Unique Personal Name Tags and Your Laundry Bags. 2. We Even Check Your Pockets before we process Your Garments Whether its loose change, Ink Pen or Lipstick, leaving things in our pockets is something we all do. Therefore our trained staff thoroughly checks your pockets to remove any foreign objects. 3. We use Bio-Degradable Detergents, and Cleansers. We use Bio-Degradable Eco-Friendly Detergents and Fabric Softeners to process Your Garments. 4. We Sort Your Garments Our Campus Wash and Fold Experts will sort Your Garments and separate Your Color and White Items. Then they will wash and dry them in Dedicated Washers and Dedicated Dryers. 5. We Even Match Your Socks in Pairs Our Campus Wash and Fold Experts will even match and fold your socks. 6. Professional Folding and Packaging After your clothes are dry, we pull them from the dryer immediately, Fluff and Fold, and Package Nice and Neat, just like Grandma did in the old days.

How can I become a Campus Ambassador? Earn Extra Cash and be part of a Big Brand Opportunity?

If you are Positive, Reliable, and Organized you can join our team.
Our Campus Ambassadors are extremely Pleasant, Positive, and Jovial who have the best job on campus and their main duty is to interact with students, faculty, and staff who use our service.
Our Campus Ambassadors explain our Unique Regular Weekly Laundry Service and engage customers who drop off and pick up their laundry.
The Campus Ambassador Job is Probably the Highest Paying Student job on Campus; With Complimentary Laundry Service. and Big Brand Opportunities. has plans of franchising throughout the United States and Canada, so you can be part of a Big Thing.

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